Our background, and so it started ...

In 2010, BridgeWard was founded first in London by Benedikt Brucker, Michael Brucker and Sebastian Brucker with the purpose of managing own assets.
In the meantime, our own investments and projects did cause us to shift the activities of the company with a few exceptions to Switzerland. As already the case for the London company BridgeWard AG has now also been opened to the consulting business.

Our consulting clients include mostly smaller and medium-sized owner-managed businesses, families with distributed ownership of real estate, as well as family offices and investment clubs.

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And what it became ...

During our various consulting activities we were increasingly confronted with the demand for strategies for financing. Financing representing ideally no entrepreneurial risk, not the risk of over-indebtedness or even creeping "expropriation" of the company's owner. Individualized funding strategies involving exchange listed bonds and so-called UCITS IV funds.

Important note: we are not a financial or investment adviser and do not offer any related services!

In 2011, we expanded our activity and started offering custom and web-based client-server platforms.
Our customers get so to enjoy our customized E-commerce applications, customer management and accounting systems.
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As a meaningful extension of our offering, we decided, to create a MasterCard tailored specifically for the needs of European SMEs®. This card complements with its flexibility the products of local banks in an ideal way.

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