BridgeWard: Technical solutions individually tailored

BridgeWard: Technical solutions individually tailored

Challenges in a networking world

Exactly matched to your current needs and taking into account the foreseeable development of your company--BridgeWard offers cloud hosting solutions for your websites.
The simple Web page, the customer management system, a storage software, a support and accounting system for the sales force or the platform of an association or even investment club--we have a customized, cloud-based server hosting platform and the right website template for you.
Our platforms are modular and can therefore always be extended and adapted.

And matching, we offer our customers the many benefits of our BridgeWard-MasterCard®.

BridgeWard: Technical solutions individually tailored

Take care of customers, employees and members

Studies show that online systems for employees who are working outside the company, produce a loyalty-enhancing effect. Stronger still, this is the case with members of an association or of investment clubs.
With the systems developed by us (i-Wallet) you may in addition to the member management and monitoring of access behavior also monitor deposits and withdrawals, create analyses and statistics and of course share information easily and quickly - individually, for certain groups, or all your employees or members at the same time.

With the purchase or rent of an i-wallet you will get the exclusive Bridgeward - MasterCard® for all your registered members with a validity of 3 years each.

BridgeWard: Technical solutions individually tailored

Shopping systems - customers buy from winners

Many have realized already: nothing is more difficult than E-commerce. Potential customers expect nowadays not only an appealing product range and fast delivery, they are already dominated by the visual and functional appearance of the websites of the big players like Amazon or Zalando. Our IT-professionals constantly track down the latest trends of programming, to give your customers always the feeling to be in a well known and familiar environment. Show your online customer that you are one of the best suppliers.
Be a winner in the eyes of your customers, then they will remain loyal to you and revisit your store.
Of course we are pleased if you like to integrate the exclusive BridgeWard-MasterCard® in your new loyalty program!

The BridgeWard Prepaid MasterCard is issued by PPRO Financial Ltd. under the license of MasterCard International Inc. MasterCard and the MasterCard Symbol are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

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